Walk-in cooler under construction

Walk-in cooler exterior

Walk-In Cooler for Processing Berkshire Pigs

We are in the middle of converting one of our out-buildings into a walk-in cooler. This will be used for processing and storage of our Berkshire line of pork and Bresse chickens. And we’ll also use it as a root cellar for our vegetable garden.

This project will take us about a month to complete. The photo shows the state it was in when we purchased the farm. We have been so busy tending to our property that refurbishing this out-building did not become a priority until we started raising Berkshire pigs. Stand-by for the “after” from this “before” photo.

Our first feeder pig will be ready in another two or three months and he is the brother of our Berkshire sow. He has been raised in the foothills of the Sierra mountains. He will be finished as close as possible to the traditional European method.

Inspired by Brandon at Farmstead Meatsmith, we will be producing naturally processed Berkshire charcuteries, bacon, hams, specialty sausages, and chops. The Berkshire pigs are known for their marbled, red meat quality. It is prized for its juiciness, tenderness, and flavor. Yum!

Berkshire pork is served in some of the most renowned restaurants around the world. Chefs rave about the meat. When cured, Berkshire meat makes unsurpassed hams, charcuterie, and salamis.

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