We’re working to preserve this breed by putting it back on our dinner tables.

Characteristics of Mulefoot

The Mulefoot is an American hog breed. Their unique name is because their uncloven hooves are like that of a mule. There are presently only 600 registered Mulefoots in the United States. This number has improved from 200, but the Livestock Conservancy considers them critically endangered.

The average litter size for the Mulefoot is 5-6 piglets. Mulefoot sows are known for having good maternal instincts.

For patient farmers, the female pigs can reach an average of 450 pounds, and the males average 550 pounds.

Mulefoot are an excellent pig for small farms because they are docile, friendly, and easily managed.

In addition to their temperament, we chose to raise the Mulefoot because of their size and their gourmet meat quality. In particular, they are known for their freckled marbling and red meat color similar to beef.

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Mulefoots in the yard


Our Mulefoot Pigs

One of our Mulefoot boars, Boris, originates from a farm in Connecticut. Our second boar, Bricktop, and his two sisters originate from a farm in Missouri. Two more sows and two gilts originate from a farm in San Antonio, Texas. We acquired all these Mulefoot and another six piglets (from two separate litters) from Rolling Dale Farm in Louisiana. They are all registered with the American Mulefoot Breeders Association, Inc.

We raise our Mulefoot pigs in spacious pastures set in and around the oak trees which adorn the elevated foothills of the Sierra Nevadas in Central California.

Our pigs are raised on a rotated selection of fermented whole grains.

The piglets are born in a manger and stay with their mother for as long as the mother determines. We do not force the mother into a farrowing crate. Instead, we leave it to her good maternal instincts and nature to take care of the piglets.

We do not clip teeth or dock tails. We do not castrate our breeder males.

Piglet Reservation Form

Nature will determine timing and availability, but we are expecting a litter in the Fall of 2022.

We are selling the piglets on a first-come, first-served basis.

We require a non-refundable deposit* of $75 per piglet to guarantee your reservation.

  • PayPal – we will email you a link
  • Check, money order – please mail to PO Box 377, Dunlap CA 93621

*If we do not have enough breeder piglets for the reservations received, we will refund your deposit in full.

When the piglets are born, we will contact you and give you directions to our farm, located in Fresno County, California. 

Your deposit will be applied to the total purchase price. The balance of the purchase price is due in CASH when you pick up your piglets.

Email info@themisfarms.com

 Mailing Address:  PO Box 377, Dunlap, CA 93621


Mulefoot in the yard

Group of happy Mulefoots

Good looking Mulefoot